N.E.W. Venture Foundry

ZyQuest formed the N.E.W. Ventures Foundry in 2015 to partner with entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to solve business problems and create new ventures.


The Foundry came about when a group of entrepreneurial leaders in Green Bay decided there was a need to improve the support system for new ventures.  With deep experience launching and growing successful businesses, they knew that they could provide a meaningful set of resources to help the next generation of startups. 


With ZyQuest's extensive experience in launching ventures and understanding entrepreneurs,  the Foundry partnered with ZyQuest to create awareness and branding to advertise the Foundry's ability to help established companies and entrepreneurs find new ways to solve challenging problems. 


  • Wordpress CMS website
  • Custom branding solutions for web and print
  • Logo design

Providing an external perspective and independent resources for innovative ideas

The N.E.W Venture Foundry in partnership with ZyQuest provides innovators a support system to bring new products or services to market. The Foundry board members help entrepreneurs find a scalable model that can gain traction quickly. 
ZyQuest created a branding package for the Foundry to include logo design, Wordpress website design and development, and printed marketing materials.
The New Venture Foundry provides a unique forum to bring together business challenges, creative talent, and startup experience, creating opportunities for new ventures to thrive.