Fuel Management Software

Software application designed to provide accurate, transparent fuel management information to save fuel costs in the customers supply chain.


Shippers and Supply Chain Management were unable to track fuels costs in real time, making it difficult for shippers to reimburse carriers for the cost of fuel. Before ZyQuest entered the scene, fuel reimbursement was based on the Department of Energy’s national index. While the national index allowed for approximate fuel prices, there was no way to account for the real-time cost of fuel for specific lanes and routes.


Developed a supply chain fuel management application that transforms the way shippers control fuel costs.


Java Swing, HTML 4, AS2 EDI, SOAP Web Services, Quartz, Tomcat, Apache, PostgreSQL, Abeille Forms, Hibernate

Fuel management software

Through corporate innovations and company collaboration with Breakthrough Fuel, ZyQuest developed an innovative software application that uses algorithms and constant market evaluation to calculate accurate fuel costs. Using a patented technology and fuel recovery services, ZyQuest’s custom-developed tool boasts savings of more than $375 million over the DOE index, giving Breakthrough Fuel customers a huge advantage over the competition.

The advantage of fuel efficiency

Breakthrough Fuel calculates the exact cost of fuel for transporting shipments from point A to point B, offering alternative routes and shipping methods to help companies be more fuel efficient and cost effective. Breakthrough Fuel helps companies determine their carbon footprint and find alternative fuel options, such as natural gas.