Charitable Social Network

ZyQuest launched HuTerra to connect nonprofits, businesses, and supporters on a common platform for fundraising, event management, and e-commerce. ZyQuest was also responsible for a complete re-branding solution across print, social media and web campaigns.


Lack of free tools for nonprofit organizations to raise money.


An online solution to connect nonprofits, businesses, and supporters for fundraising,


Node.js, Java, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, Google Analytics

ZyQuest developed a set of web-based tools and features to drive supporter engagement.  Funds are collected and dispersed through the robust HuTerra Economy platform, simplifying donation management and financial reconciliation.  The online crowdsourcing tool helps non-profit organizations raise more money.  

ZyQuest has also done branding and multi-media asset design for HuTerra social media, trade shows, and marketing.