Why your Business Needs a Website Redesign NOW

What a Website Redesign Can Do For Your Business

Is your website outdated, difficult to work with, or frustratingly slow? If yes, the harsh reality is there’s a good chance your audience sees your business that way, too. There are many ROI-focused benefits of redesigning your company website, but there are certain aspects of a business that not even excellent design and fantastic UX can fix. Read on to learn how a website redesign can benefit your business!

Brand Consistency

Appearance is everything, especially when it comes to the face of your business. It’s critical that your brand’s colors, logo, and overall appearance match the message you’d like to send to your customers or audience. It’s more important than ever that a company’s website reflect the company itself. If you have a killer social media presence and a sleek logo that is attached to an old, outdated website, it’s likely that you’re sending the wrong message to your audience about who you are. Make brand consistency your priority by redesigning your website, logos, banners, and any other marketing material with the same colors, fonts, styles, and message. 

Trust and Brand Image

In addition to brand consistency, making your brand’s image a priority helps to increase the trust your audience feels towards your brand. A user that sees consistency across all your brand’s channels and a clean, easy-to-use, and (most importantly) functional website will be more likely to engage with your brand and feel comfortable giving you their information. A website redesign focused on branding and eCommerce can help you build trust with your audience and learn more about how to better serve them. Look for a web development company that can show you live examples of eCommerce and/or branded websites in their portfolio to ensure your brand will remain trusted and consistent across your entire website for all users.


Improved UX

UX, short for User Experience, should be the highest priority for your business website redesign. Ensuring that all your pages are inter-linked, your menus and site structure all make sense and are easy to use, and users can complete the actions you’d like them to take in 3 clicks or less can have huge impacts on the way your users interact with your business website. If your current website has high bounce rates or isn’t intuitive to use from all devices, then it’s time to rethink your web design! Not sure if you offer a good user experience to your audience? Ask your web developer to run usability tests using services like Optimizely can help you learn more about your audience’s needs, how they currently interact (or don’t) with your site, and ways you can improve your UX.


Increased Conversion Rates

Implementing conversion rate optimizations, such as improving the appearance and number of sign forms and boxes, including an email submission form, and making it easier for your user to convert, can all have measurable impacts on your conversion rates. It makes sense that if you make the user’s experience with your website and brand pleasant and enjoyable, they will be more likely to take whatever action you’d like them to take. A thorough exploration of Google Analytics (or whatever analytics platform you prefer) will allow you to collect information not only about how your users use your site but also how they convert or do not convert.

Some conversion optimization ideas to include in your website redesign:

  • heat map testing to determine pain points in the conversion process
  • add a sense of urgency to your message to encourage users to convert
  • tailor message to the user’s unique needs
  • offer a rebate or promotion to users who make it to checkout but abandon their carts

Practical Commerce has a great post with 10 eCommerce reports you can import directly into your Google Analytics to get started. Find it here.

Stronger Security

A website redesign will do more than just make your brand more visually appealing. It’s important to ensure that your site is up to date with the latest security measures to protect both your business and your users. If your business website is built using a Content Management System such as WordPress, security tactics can be easily implemented using security plugins. Don’t worry if you do not currently use a CMS, an experienced web developer will be able to tailor a security strategy specifically for your needs and the data your users submit.

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Better Visibility Online (SEO)

Search engines pay attention to how up-to-date and consistent your web presence is, too. A website redesign that improves navigation, link structure, mobile usage, and the overall user experience will not only impact how satisfied your customers are with your brand, it will also have a positive impact on organic visibility and web rankings for the keywords for which you’ve optimized your website. Search engines take into account mobile usability, user experience (UX), and even click through rates when determining a website’s organic rank. Keep the user’s overall experience at the forefront of your website redesign and optimizations, and search engines like Google and Bing will reward you with improved organic visibility.

Interested in seeing an example for the impact a website redesign can have on your business? Forbes has recently shared CitiBank’s website redesign improvements. You can read more here.