Which CMS is Best for Your Business Website?

Content Management Systems

Are you ready to build a website for business, but don’t want to keep a developer on retainer for minor updates and everyday management? If yes, a CMS is likely right for your business! Below is ZyQuest, Inc’s explanation of what a CMS is, why businesses should use them, the types available, and which CMS is Best for businesses who need more customization. Discover which CMS is best for your business.


What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a web application tool that enables a client to maintain their own website content. The use of a CMS in website development for business is very common, as CMS’s provide easy and cost-effective website management without the need for a developer. Clients who wish to utilize a CMS for their business website management don’t need to be fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other web development languages and platforms. In addition to relatively easy management, the use of a CMS allows the client more control of site content, allowing them to better optimize business websites for search engines (SEO).

Why Use a CMS for Business Websites?

CMS’s should be used for businesses that want to make regular changes to their websites, either via blog content, on page content, eCommerce carts, or lead generation contact and submission forms.

A CMS also allows for individual user login credentials, making them an excellent solution for businesses with multiple users updating and making changes to the website. You can assign varying levels of access to any number of users and track changes by username, providing more control and quality assurance levels than a site built without a CMS.

Which CMS is Best for Businesses?

While there are countless free and premium CMS platforms to choose from, some are more common and regularly updated than others. A company called Cool Infographs provides a great visual infographic reiterating what a CMS is and the many differences between common CMS platforms, and can help you decide which CMS is best fit for your needs.

Common CMS Platforms


Drupal is a powerful open source (free) CMS solution that efficiently handles multiple websites on a single code base. Drupal also boasts very little IT support requirements once implemented. ZyQuest regularly uses Drupal for our clients that require a large number of websites. For example, ZyQuest hosts over 100 websites for the major non-profit international organization, Habitat for Humanity.


WordPress, another open source CMS solution, is best for businesses that prefer a simple, quick, easy to use solution for website development. The majority of websites using WordPress are small businesses and bloggers with very limited budgets and web development knowledge. As with Drupal, WordPress managers require very little knowledge of coding languages and are able to have almost complete control over their business’s website content.

WordPress also offers extensive free and cost-effective premium themes for all industries and business types, making it easier than ever to make regular updates and changes to a beautifully designed website.

Other CMS Options

For businesses with more robust business requirements, ZyQuest prefers to use a premium proprietary solution from our partner, Kentico. Kentico is “an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform solution that drives business results for companies of all sizes both on-premise or in the cloud. It gives customers and partners powerful, comprehensive tools and customer-centric solutions to create stunning websites and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment.” Kentico, though it is a paid-for solution, provides better support to users than an open source solution (such as WordPress or Drupal) that is regularly maintained and updated by the development community.

Determining the best CMS for your business website needs doesn’t have to be a headache! If you are interested in discovering the best CMS solution for your web & mobile business needs, please visit our Services page at ZyQuest.com!