Increase Sales and Digital ROI with a Custom eCommerce Storefront

How A Custom eCommerce Storefront Can Improve ROI and Increase Sales

Choosing the right eCommerce platform to manage online product sales is integral to eCommerce success and digital ROI. Ecommerce demands continue to grow exponentially, and online shoppers are expecting even more from their online retailers than ever before. Choosing a robust, scalable, and truly customizable solution to eCommerce storefronts and inventory management will ensure that your storefront is functional, efficiently, and most importantly, profitable. While there are many one-size-fits-all eCommerce options available, only a custom-built eCommerce platform can ensure your business needs and objective are met and you are providing your customers with an unforgettable, truly functional shopping experience.

Experience is Vital

As with any other aspect of business, hiring an eCommerce development company with previous experience is vital to success online. While there are hundreds of thousands of development companies that can add “eCommerce Storefront Development” to the their list of services, finding a developer with plenty of experience in your specific industry and market will greatly impact your long term ROI. When it’s time to begin your search for an eCommerce development company, keep these qualifications in mind:

Custom eCommerce Experience

It’s no surprise that experience in eCommerce is critical to success in online sales. Choose a development company that is both well known for eCommerce storefront development and has plenty of live eCommerce storefronts in their portfolio. A company with live examples allows you to ‘test drive’ the eCommerce User Experience.

Ecommerce is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ development concept, however. Look for a development company with expertise developing for many differing goals and objectives with many different audiences, ideally on a variety of platforms. There are many platform options each with unique capabilities, and choosing a development partner with knowledge of multiple platforms ensures your eCommerce storefront is well suited for your target audience.

For example, Kentico is an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform solution that drives business results for companies of all sizes both on-premise or in the cloud. It gives customers and partners powerful, comprehensive tools and customer-centric solutions to create stunning websites and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment. This is just one example of a custom CMS solution that ZyQuest can provide its partners.

To view a live example of site built using the Kentico CMS, visit one of our Partner sites Valley Grinding!

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Industry Experience

Finding a development partner with experience in eCommerce is easy. Finding a development partner with experience in your industry, especially a niche one with a unique audience, can be challenging. Certain industries have unique goals, require a specific verbiage or process flows, or require particular functionalities.

For example, an eCommerce store front for a floral supplier will have vastly different needs and requirements than a health care equipment storefront. The international floral supplier will need fast load times, geolocation settings, and a flawless inventory system to ensure complete functionality; the health care equipment storefront will require security, descriptions, and powerful filters to remain at the forefront of development. Invest in an eCommerce developer with experience in your industry and you will be rewarded with higher ROI and proven eCommerce methods to drive sales and keep your brand in the mind’s of your specific audience.

Market Knowledge

Almost as vital as industry experience, a deep understand of your market landscape can have incredible influence on your digital strategy. Knowledge of your largest competitors and the strategies they are using will help your custom eCommerce storefront get a leg up on your competition and find opportunities they might be missing.

An expert eCommerce development company will work closely with you to develop a road map specific to your business needs and goals as they relate to you specific market. Clearly defined goals and objectives will set the stage for where you want to be as a company, and an audit of current initiatives, current web presence, and competitors in the sphere will arm both you and your eCommerce development company with the market knowledge needed for online success.

When searching for a custom eCommerce development partner, be sure to explore a company’s portfolio and ask about the research and discovery process.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Development

Custom software and storefront development can take your eCommerce site to new levels of engagement and sales when compared to out-of-the-box technology solutions. At ZyQuest, we don’t consider any of our partners needs to be “One Size Fits All” in the eCommerce space. We know that each brand has unique needs, goals, and ways of serving its customers. What are the competitive advantages of a custom-built eCommerce platform for your website?

Inventory Management

If you have a large inventory, or are planning to eventually expand into a larger inventory, a custom eCommerce web application can allow you to quickly and easily manage your current inventory. Fast, efficient inventory management ensures that your checkout process is smooth and functional, and that your fulfillment process is equally efficient.


A one-size-fits-all eCommerce platform might be acceptable for your current business needs, but if you plan to expand your offerings and want an eCommerce platform that is able to grow with your business, investing in custom eCommerce software development is the way to go. Custom platforms developed with scalability in mind reduce long term switching costs and make expansion and growth as smooth and easy as possible.


Another disadvantage of out-of-the-box eCommerce platforms is the lack of compatibility with other programs and business software. If your eCommerce solution is not able to effectively communicate with other product, tracking, or marketing software you are currently using, it can hinder your efficiency and cause costly interruptions to process flow. If your business uses any other software or platforms for other aspects of business, a custom-build eCommerce platform is the only way to ensure that all platforms are compatible and work in harmony.

Powerful Custom Analytics

Custom eCommerce offer many behind the scenes benefits as well. Building custom eCommerce platforms allows powerful custom analytical tracking to be implemented also, providing in-depth insight into the ways in which visitors interact with and experience a storefront. This information can allow a business to react faster, build a better User Experience, and continuously and consistently increase sales and revenue. Custom Analytics provide invaluable data when standard services like Google Analytics just don’t provide the necessary data to dominate an industry.


Global eCommerce sales made via mobile device is expected to grow to US $638 billion by 2018 according to Goldman Sachs (source: Digiday). Mobile use is showing no signs of slowing down, and eCommerce stores need to ensure that they are optimized specifically for mobile shoppers. While most cookie-cutter eCommerce solutions offer some sort of mobile capability, they are often meant for very small businesses with minimal product inventory and visitor needs.

Mobile users are often more unforgiving than their desktop counterparts when it comes to user experience and mobile site usability, too. A whopping 43% of consumers will visit a competitor’s site next after just one negative mobile shopping experience (source: radware), and most of these users will not return once they move on to a competitor site.

A custom eCommerce platform optimized for all mobile devices can ensure that all of your mobile users, regardless of device brand and OS type, can effectively and efficiently use your eCommerce site to purchase your products.

Why Innovation Matters

At ZyQuest, we know that Innovation can make or break a successful digital eCommerce campaign. Our mission is to continue to drive our partner companies forward in today’s ever-changing digital world, helping them to innovate new tools, solve problems like never before, and provide their customers with solutions like never before. Our innovation focus has allowed us to make leaps and bounds in social integration, smart technologies, logistics and shipping management, and truly customize a solution to our partners’ unique needs and objectives.

If you’re ready to see how ZyQuest’s innovation-focused custom eCommerce solutions can improve your eCommerce ROI and help your business grow exponentially, contact us  today or connect with us on any of our social networks!